Student Map Contest

Google Geo for Higher Education @Yale - Maps Contest

We’re excited to announce the Geo for Higher Education @Yale Maps Contest. Submit your map and automatically be entered to win one of three Samsung Nexus 7 tablets! We’re looking for your great maps -- maps you want to share with the world!

What is it?
The Geo for Higher Education Maps Contest is a skill-based contest to find the best maps from Yale university students, built using Google Maps Engine or Google Earth Engine.

What do I have to do?
You must create and submit a minimum of one map using a Google mapping product before May 31, 2013. Google will choose three winning entries using the following criteria:
  • Original - The map is unique.
  • Creative - The map is visually compelling.
  • Informative - The map conveys an interesting body of information (on any topic)

What is the prize?
The top three scoring entrants will be awarded a Samsung Nexus 7 (total of 3 tablets).

Am I eligible for this contest? What are the rules?
The contest is open to students who attend Geo for Higher Education Summit 2013 in New Haven, CT and are eligible for a Google Earth Outreach grant of Google Maps Engine. You must submit your maps before May 31, 2013 on 11:59pm Pacific time. In addition, you must adhere to the official contest rules.

Can others from my organization work on the maps I submit?
Yes. We encourage you to involve your fellow students and peers.

Where do I get a Google Maps Engine account?
Eligible students can apply for a grant of Google Maps Engine at

What is the minimum number of maps I must submit? What if I submit more?
You must create and submit at least 1 map and may use Google Maps Engine or Earth Engine. You are welcome to submit more than one map, but maps will be judged individually on their merits.

How do I submit my map?
You can submit your map at The map you submit must be viewable to the public (in Access Lists, you must have a Viewer access list that is set to “Public on the web.”)

When will Google announce the winners?
We will announce the winners to the contest on or about June 30, 2013. Google will personally email the winners.

Will these maps be publicized?
Yes. By participating in the Contest, you agree Google is able to promote your submissions to the public (with attribution to you) including but not limited to inclusion in relevant Google products and services as and promotion in press and media communications. For more details please see the official rules.

If I have further questions, who can I contact?
You can contact with any questions.